About me

I am a 39-years old content creator and entrepreneur from Espoo, Finland. Especially I am interested in search engine optimization, affiliate marketing and generally all kinds of tech, science and new inventions.

I have been doing SEO and affiliate marketing for years as a solo entrepreneur. Before this website I was running a successful affiliate website which I decided to sell to a bigger company in 2020.

After the sale I took some time off work, but I am back with this website you are reading right now.

Jaakko Santaniemi naamakuva

My purpose with this website is to share all my knowledge about SEO and affiliate marketing – for free now and in the future.

Why I am doing this? Right now I have a feeling I just want to create content and help others who are on the same field as I was. As I have learned so much reading other SEO blogs and websites and now I want to give something back for the community.

In a longer term, I hope that this website project could lead me to something new. Maybe I could find a new and interesting project to direct my all energy and effort to.

That’s all. I don’t sell anything and I am not affiliated to any company mentioned on this website. However if I am in the future, I will let you know that very clearly.

As this blog is about learning SEO and affiliate marketing, I am also trying to learn new things all the time.

Producing content to Youtube is a new and interesting challenge for me. So far I have made few videos in Finnish but I am looking for making some in English too. This will need a lot of effort from me as English is not my main language.

My hobbies include also cars and gaming and I stream PUBG now and then on Twitch if I have time from other work and family stuff.

My background in affiliate marketing and SEO

I lived in Tallinn, Estonia from 2018 to 2021 where I ran an international affiliate marketing website.

Setting up a new company to Estonia was so easy and I needed a change in my life. So I decided to move to Estonia instead setting up the company to Finland. This turned out to be just the right decision personally and also business-wise as in Estonia things work really fluently.

Map of Tallinn, Estonia in Europe
In case you didn’t know, Estonian capital Tallinn lies right here. Base map from Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0) with my cropping and added text.

I created everything to the site, namely graphic design, writing content, taking care of search engine optimization, trying to make the website convert better and negotiating marketing contracts. And a lot more of smaller things what is needed to run a successful affiliate website.

The website had reviews of products and services and a lot of information around the subject. When a customer decided to buy the product or service through my site, I got commission based on the contracts. This was openly mentioned on the site, which is considered a good policy in affiliate sites.

After some time the website started producing a lot of revenue as the traffic exploded. This was only because of successful search engine optimization as the site got top-10 positions in a lot of keywords in Google.

Shortly bigger companies started to make interest to the site.

Jaakko Santaniemi Tallinnassa
This is me near Tallinn Old Town, on the stairs of Patkuli.

After several months of negotiations I decided to sell the site to a bigger marketing company in 2020.

Personally, the negotiations were quite exhausting experience for me (although fun and exciting at the same time).

After months and months of total rest I have once again energy to create something new. This website is part of that.

The philosophy behind this website

I have a huge knowledge bank about SEO, especially related to affiliate sites. I decided that I start sharing that information here topic by topic. At first I just write long in-depth articles and later I will maybe even create some video content to Youtube.

Sharing that information right now feels just the right thing to do. As my professional background is in being a high school teacher, seeing people learn difficult things is something I really like.

Also being a physics and mathematics teacher I had to process really difficult ideas and systems so that students could take a grasp on step by step. And preferably in a way that students find learning also interesting. As learning science needs a lot of hard work and is not necessarily always the most motivating thing for high school students.

So for me learning SEO and affiliate marketing personally and then sharing that knowledge to others in this website has a lot of similarities compared to being a high school teacher.

SEO is like science

In a first thought SEO, affiliate marketing and physics and mathematics seem to be a totally different matter.

But on the other hand they all share a complicated system that has numerous variables where small changes can have big effect. Also you have to learn the basics to be able to move to a more complicated matter.

Also I see SEO as some kind of a physics model. Trying to find the way to creating great content that Google approves is like doing science, making tons of physical experiences and trying to understand the results. Everything is connected to each other – in science and also in SEO in my opinion.

My life before SEO

Before I got into SEO, affiliate marketing and websites in general, I was a high school teacher for 7 years in Finland.

I graduated in 2011 as a Master of Science from University of Eastern Finland majoring physics. I also minored mathematics, chemistry and pedagogigal studies.

My roots are in Eastern Finland in a small North Carelian village of Ilomantsi. Later I lived in the city of Joensuu until around my thirties. Now in 2022 I live in Southern Finland in a city of Espoo just next to Helsinki with my partner, small baby born in January 2022 and two cats.

Jaakko Santaniemi profile picture with a yellow shirt.

If I am not writing SEO articles, I like very much all tech and devices, cars and gaming in my life. Some content related to those subjects might come to question also. But time will only tell where I will end on my new journey.

Feel free to follow my journey on social media and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have anything on your mind!


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